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Watch out for this wild looking young mom of two! On a recent hunt for naughty milf moms I stumbled across a naughgyt creampie wife named Miranda, who is a beautiful mid twenties redhead, who was doing exclusives for amateur creampie. As I browsed thru their homemade video section this one girl caught my eye so I quickly made my way inside to check her out.

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Miranda shows off her milf pussy.

When I first opened viewed Miranda's vidoe clip I was really surprised at how well the youthful mother performed. Normally you find, in amateur movies, a less then steller performance or terrible action and camara work. But this lovely lady gave her all, from sucking her husbands fat cock to showing off her wet creampie filled pussy, Miranda gave a great show.

As you can clearly see from the pictures in the right column, Miranda starts thing off fully dressed, well if you call black fishnet stockings a white bra and striped sweater dressed. She approaches her husband, who is resting comfortably on the bed, and gently starts to carress and kiss him while he reaches about grabbing at the milf's hard ass.

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Can you imagine being the lucky lad who gets to bang away at this mom's tight pussy hole? I mean look at it, pink, nice and puffy, and topped off with a hairy little patch of pubes cut over in a stripe which point directly at her vaginal lips.

I tell you, if it where me, I would creampie this hot milf every single night! No I take that back, I would fuck her mom hole twice a day just to feel my cock sliding in and out of that succulent snatch. Getting back to this video description, we have watched Miranda and hub foundle each other, now things get more serious. Hubby slides off the blouse, then unbuttons the bra, and finally slips off the black panties.

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Now completely naked, well she still has the fishnets on, Miranda slides down and takes aim on his rock hard pecker. The lovely mom gently nibbles at the tip, then wraps her lips around the head and engulfs the entire length to the nub. Hub smiles as I sure I would, and let the milf do her duty sucking on his rod. With a good woody ready for snatch hub rolls Miranda over and works in behind for some nice spoon action. Placing the head of his cock at the entrance to her vagina he slowly works its large head thru the folds of her twat, burring it inside her wet hole.

Miranda moans at the pleasure of his thickness and hub works up some stream to meet her desire, all the while kissing the hot redhead's neck and shoulder. The video captures all the action in great detail by the way, its mounted stationary, but is moved for better angles and close ups. Moving forward, the couple bounce around in several sexual positions until finally ending up doggy where hub drops a load of cum inside his naughty mom. The hot wife rolls over and spreads her pink pussy lips, and we watch the sperm ooz from her freshly fucked snatch ending this great movie set. This is one hot mother i'd like to fuck and I would especially like to creampie.

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